About Us

AmYoURS Ministries

AmYoURS stands for Adonai my YHWH, our Ultimate, Reigning Savior

Philosophy Statement

Called into God’s love and purpose, we affirm our covenant relationship with God. As His children and church, we demonstrate Christlikeness in all aspects in life. Our lives revolve around worship, discipleship, and bringing others into a loving relationship with Christ.


AmYoURS Ministries is a fellowship of believers of the Lord Jesus Christ committed to fulfill His purpose through an active lifestyle of worship, discipleship and evangelism.


  • AmYoURS Ministries serves as a vehicle for people to have a meaningful relationship with God.
  • AmYoURS’ ministries are avenues for effective evangelism & discipleship.
  • AmYoURS Ministries is centered on and revolves around the worship of the One and only true God.
  • AmYoURS Ministries regards all of its members as part of one family and people belonging to God.

Our Pastors

Pastor Bob

Pastor Marvin