The Herald of the King

Are you preparing the way for the second coming of our King Jesus? Pastor Bob December 19, 2021 Luke 1:67-80 In the past, the Israelites anticipated a great forthcoming event. Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied that: God would visit His people. (v. 68) God Himself would redeem His people. (v. 68)… Continue reading The Herald of the King

The King’s Invitation

Have you responded to God’s invitation today? Pastor Marvin November 28, 2021 In Matthew 22:1-14, our Lord Jesus talked about the parable of the Wedding Feast. Pastor Marvin explains this in five main points. There is a celebration at the end. The feast is about the reunion between the Bridegroom, who is Jesus, and the… Continue reading The King’s Invitation